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Genetics and Genomics

Geneticists seek to answer fundamental questions about how organisms inherit characteristics and transmit them to their offspring. Concepts of heredity and evolution are important in many areas of modern science and industry, including biotechnology, medicine and agriculture. As a genetics major, you'll have the opportunity to participate in research projects with faculty members and develop your own interests in preparation for a science career or graduate study.

Real World Outcomes: 

Genetics and Genomics majors from UC Davis are prepared to enter such careers as teaching, research, work with biotechnology companies, medicine and all the health sciences. Many graduates go on to further study in graduate programs, medical school, veterinary school or other professional schools.

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You'll begin your study with foundation courses in biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics and physics. At the upper-division level, you'll study advanced general topics in the biological sciences, and you may also choose from such courses as molecular genetics, embryology, developmental genetics and bacteriology.

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William Madden
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