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Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary field of study that integrates knowledge of engineering principles with the biomedical sciences. It is a very diverse field, with biomedical engineers working in areas ranging from medical imaging to regenerative medicine. Some major contributions of biomedical engineering include the left ventricular assist device (LVAD), artificial joints, hemodialysis, bioengineered skin, coronary stents, computed tomography (CT) and flexible endoscopes. Students who choose biomedical engineering are interested in contributing to human health and quality of life but do not routinely interact directly with patients, as do physicians. Due to the need to complete additional coursework beyond BME degree requirements, this major is not a primary route for pre-medical studies.

Real World Outcomes: 

The medical device and biotechnology industries are increasingly in need of engineers with strong backgrounds in biology. Majors in biomedical engineering are well prepared for employment in many areas of the health care industry, including medical assist devices and human tissue products. Employment opportunities exist in industry, hospitals, academic research and teaching institutes, national laboratories or government regulatory agencies. The major also provides excellent grounding in the skills necessary for professional or graduate-level studies in biological and health sciences.


The biomedical engineering curriculum has been designed to provide a solid foundation in mathematics, life and physical sciences, and engineering. Sufficient flexibility in the upper division requirements encourages students to explore specializations within the field, through the judicious selection of engineering and science electives. Our instructional program is designed to impart knowledge of contemporary issues at the forefront of biomedical engineering research.

Effective fall 2020, the College of Engineering will no longer accept second baccalaureate transfer applicants, except within Biological Systems Engineering and Materials Science Engineering.
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