‘Unfold’: Stem Cells and Surgery Used in Spina Bifida Trial for Humans

Baby sitting on examination table
Tobi Maginnis, one of the first babies to have a combination of stem cells and surgery while in the womb to treat his spina bifida. (Amy Quinton/UC Davis)

Both humans and dogs are susceptible to spina bifida, a spinal birth defect that can lead to paralysis. In Part 2 of our new season of Unfold, we examine the first human clinical trial using stem cells and surgery to treat the condition.

You’ll meet one of the couples taking part in the clinical trial. They dropped everything and moved from Oregon to Sacramento in the hope that the stem cell and fetal surgery treatment would allow their child to walk.

Hear their extraordinary journey here:



More on the clinical trial

UC Davis Health, which wrote about the clinical trial last week, posted a follow-up today: "CuRe Trial Gives Hope to New Mom.”

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