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Graduate Studies

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Arts

The program of study includes composition/theory, musicology, ethnomusicology, and conducting. Composition/theory emphasizes theory, analysis, and composition. Musicology embraces the historical study of musical works, their composers, and the cultures in which they figure, welcoming traditional and contemporary modes of inquiry and emphasizing the acquisition of literary technique and style in the scholarly genres. Ethnomusicology offers rigorous training in the intellectual history of the field, theory, fieldwork, ethnography, and transcription, with faculty expertise in music of the Americas (African American, Latin, and Native American music) and Asia (Korea and Indonesia). Conducting (M.A. only) emphasizes advanced techniques necessary to lead the major orchestral and choral repertoire: issues of contemporary music materials, rehearsal technique, musical analysis, and performance practice. All students are encouraged to take part in performance groups sponsored by the department.

Graduate Program Requirements

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