Ta Prohm Temple


Graduate Studies

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Arts

The program offers advanced study in the fields of United States; medieval, early modern, and modern Europe; China and Japan; Middle East and/or South Asia; Latin America; and Africa. Other areas of specialization include borderlands; critical theory; cross-cultural women’s and gender history; economic and labor history; empires; environmental history; ethnicity, race, and nationalism; law, culture, and society; mass, popular, and folk cultures; mobilities; religion and history; science, technology, and medicine; and Middle East, North African, and South Asian Studies. In addition to taking courses in the major field, students take an advanced historiography course, courses in a minor field of study, and a course outside of the major and minor fields. After the first year of study, students complete a yearlong research seminar course culminating in a major research paper and a departmental conference.

Graduate Program Requirements

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