Where did the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 come from?

Where is it going? What can we learn about it to disrupt its course?

Scientists at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine’s One Health Institute find new viruses before they become a global threat. This PREDICT program team builds capacity around the world as diseases emerge. Their work illustrates the threat new pandemics present when humans disrupt natural habitats.

UC Davis researchers were the first to get samples from the first COVID-19 cases in California. With the samples, pathologists can grow the virus, and from it, create diagnostic tests. The labs conduct tens of thousands of tests, forming a part of California's testing network.

From mathematics and engineering, to computer science and genomics, researchers work together and explore how the coronavirus is spreading between people and throughout communities.

UC Davis is creating the knowledge and tools to understand how COVID-19 is spreading, the first step to bringing it under control.


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