Economy and Society

COVID-19 is not just a disease; it is a game changer.

Its ripple effects have reached every facet of society, sending shock waves throughout our communities, our psyches, and our places of work, play, learning and worship. It’s exposed our vulnerabilities and prejudices, crashed our markets, tested our politics, and threatened supply chains.

Not all of the disruption is bad. COVID-19 response measures have emptied our highways, airways and natural places to levels not observed in decades. And it’s bringing forth incredible acts of kindness and courage, while also forcing innovation and introspection.

This global natural experiment has no principal investigator, no corresponding author, and seemingly no control variable. Yet UC Davis researchers are working to bring clarity to the chaos. They’re helping us understand these changes in our lives and how we experience them. Through these efforts, we can help shape and be better prepared for whatever lies ahead.