Campus Departments Donate Protective Equipment

Man standing with donated supplies.
Nick Donovan, facilities manager for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, dropped off a donation of gloves and other supplies from his department today (March 24). (Jennifer Carmichael/UC Davis)

Campus departments and units are donating thousands of vital supplies to UC Davis Health in its effort to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Late last week, as the campus adjusted to suspended operations, people starting asking how and where they could donate high-demand items. Tim Maguire, chief procurement officer, took on responsibility as point person and it wasn’t long before pledges started coming in.


The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences was the first to step up, donating 2,400 face masks, 700 N95 respirators, 200 isolation gowns, 57,000 gloves and other items such as aprons, goggles and coveralls. Another large donation came from Emergency Management and Mission Continuity: 11,780 N95 masks, much of them left over from the smoke days of November 2018.

Other donations include:

  • 200 N95 masks from Design and Construction Management, originally purchased last fall as part of the organization’s UC Ready plans
  • 120 N95 masks from the College of Engineering
  • Reusable face shields, splash goggles and surgical masks from the Department of Biomedical Engineering

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity and efforts of our campus colleagues,” said Jita Buño, director of UC Davis Health Supply Chain. “The collaboration has strengthened the medical center’s ability to continue caring for its patients. We are grateful!”

Items most in demand are:

  • Face shields
  • N95 masks, surgical masks (Level 3 or above) and isolation masks
  • Gloves
  • Isolation or surgical gowns
  • Nonvented goggles
  • Clorox or Sani-Cloth wipes
  • Hand sanitizer

Departments interested in donating items can fill out this form to list the items being donated and then either request a pickup or drop them off at the Hopkins Services Complex, 615 Hopkins Road, to the west of Highway 113.

Distribution and Logistics is sorting all the donated goods and packaging them for delivery to UC Davis Health.

Donations are also being accepted across the causeway. Learn more about how to help here.

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