Climate Change Experts: Energy and Transportation

cyclist and cars
Green lanes separate cyclists from cars at UC Davis. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

The following sources from the University of California, Davis, are available to talk with media about climate change impacts and solutions related to energy and transportation. 

More UC Davis climate change experts lists are available under the topic areas of atmospheric scienceswaterwildfire and air quality, agriculture, wildlife conservation and infectious disease, and community resilience.


Dan Sperling is director of the Institute of Transportation Studies and professor of Engineering and Environmental Policy. He is an expert on transportation and climate policy, and the “3 Revolutions” of driverless, shared and electric vehicles. He also can discuss fuels and climate change policy. He holds the transportation seat on the California Air Resources Board. Contact: 510-387-5438,

Lew Fulton is director of the STEPS program within the Institute of Transportation Studies. He can discuss travel demands and how national and global shifts in transportation use can impact energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. He is also focused on the intersection of “3 Revolutions:” autonomous, electrified, and shared vehicles. Contact: 530-752-3004,

Susan Handy is a professor of Environmental Science and Policy at UC Davis and director of the National Center for Sustainable Transportation. She has conducted numerous studies on the benefits of, barriers to and attitudes toward bicycling. She can discuss strategies for reducing automobile dependence by individuals and communities. Contact: 530-752-5878,

Debbie Niemeier, a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, can discuss how transportation effects air quality, and issues related to energy consumption and land use. Contact: 530-752-8918,


Theresa Pistochini is a senior engineer at Western Cooling Efficiency Center. She can discuss energy-efficient cooling technologies for arid, warming climates. Contact: 530-752-3262,

Michael Siminovitch directs the California Lighting Technology Center and is a professor in the Department of Design. He can discuss energy-efficiency lighting technologies, strategies for residential and commercial sectors, and the Million LED Challenge. Contact: 530-747-3835,

Rebecca R. Hernandez is an associate professor in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources. She can discuss the potential for rooftop solar installations on commercial structures and other unconventional spaces to spare agricultural and wild lands from energy development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Contact: 530-752-5471,​

Ben Finkelor is executive director of the Energy and Efficiency Institute. He can discuss California’s role in advancing energy efficiency, renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Contact: (530) 848-9493,

Business and economics

James Bushnell is a professor in the Department of Economics and Co-Director of the Davis Energy Economics Program. He can discuss energy economics and policy, carbon pricing, cap-and-trade, regulation and energy markets. Contact: (530) 752-3129,

Austin Brown directs the UC Davis Policy Institute for Energy, Environment and the Economy. He can discuss implications of various policies related to climate, clean energy, and transportation. Contact:

Paul Griffin is a distinguished professor in the Graduate School of Management. He can discuss the relation between stock prices and greenhouses gas emissions and other accounting and financial topics related to climate change. Contact: 530-752-7372,

Frances Moore is an assistant professor of Environmental Science and Policy. She studies the social and economic consequences of climate change, particularly in the agricultural sector, and how people may adapt to climate changes. Contact: 617-233-3380,

Dave Rapson is an associate professor in the Department of Economics and Co-Director of the Davis Energy Economics Program. He can discuss consumer behavior, including demand for durables (cars, appliances) and energy (electricity, fuel), as well as other issues relating to electric vehicles, electricity markets, climate policy and optimal regulation. Contact: 

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