STOO’-dents Leed by Ehx-AM’-pul

But how do you say that?

Immersed in the written word for most of my career, I still recall the fun and challenges of working with sound during an internship with news radio. Sometimes I’m inclined to show name pronunciations at the bottom of my news releases — for example, about University Medalists Lucydalila Cedillo and Emily Eijansantos.

But when? Just when a name is not simple to pronounce for a person who was born in Ohio to parents from West Virginia, grew up in Canada, studied French in high school and came to California by way of Vermont?

And then there it was, an answer from the leadership of our students from here and around the world. The Associated Students of UC Davis incorporates pronunciation in its online executive directory and roster.

Emily Barneond, vice president last year, and Juliana Martinez Hernandez, associate vice president for internal communications last year and now vice president, worked on the project together. “I think it makes people feel comfortable and included,” Barneond said.

The ASUCD uses a phonetic spelling key from the registrar’s office at Carnegie Mellon University. I’ve used the “pronouncers” from The Associated Press Stylebook. Also available for sharing a recorded pronunciation of your name are services such as NameCoach and Namedrop.

Something to consider for directories, email signatures and more.

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