Get ‘Climate Therapy’ in the Basement Gallery on Campus

Hand-drawn coloring pages by Julia Roldan. Catch display and interactive art about climate at the UC Davis Basement Gallery through Wednesday.

Story and photos by Ellen Caminiti

The Basement Gallery, in collaboration with Art and the Oceans Club on campus, is presenting its last show for fall quarter on the UC Davis campus. Titled Climate Therapy, showcased art demonstrates how a warming world can affect many different facets of life, as seen in the eyes of the artists. The gallery has intermittent hours, but it open mostly during weekdays.

The works, by both art and science majors, demonstrates the need for intersectionality when solving complex environmental issues. The exhibition is on view through Wednesday, Dec. 4 and is located in the Art Studio building, in the basement.

The work created by Art and the Oceans spans the entirety of a wall in the gallery. The art, much of it done by students in the sciences, features a variety of wildlife and landscapes, highlighting the importance of research in environmental advocacy.

Interaction invited

As part of the show, visitors are invited to color in the drawings created by Julia Roldan, secretary and art chair of Art and the Oceans Club. Colorers have the option of taking their art home or hanging it on the wall outside the gallery.

In another interactive piece, there is a microphone in front of a white box with the words “SOAPBOX” written across the front in bold letters. It is a space created to welcome people to talk about their experiences with, and concerns about, climate change.

More about the Basement Gallery and this show, go here.

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