Ask HR to Help You Hire

As we work to infuse diversity, equity and inclusion into our everyday practice, the topic of hiring often comes up in the conversation.

Because I handle the recruitment process for Strategic Communications, I recently attended a webinar conducted by Human Resources’ Leadership, Recruitment & Diversity Services. I was so excited by the work they were doing and their commitment to ensure inclusivity within our community, particularly around recruitment, that after the webinar I contacted the director and asked for a meeting.

I was interested in discussing how Strategic Communications could take advantage of the resources described in the webinar — timing was perfect for an upcoming recruitment we felt could benefit from a discussion with the Leadership, Recruitment & Diversity Services team.

The team was extremely insightful, especially around advertising our position to groups we had not previously engaged — six new groups, to be exact — and they also used their individual connections to help us advertise.

I feel lucky to have forged a meaningful relationship between the two departments and am confident we will continue working together to “Improve our internal climate to improve interactions and elevate the value of inclusivity.” I look forward to enhancing our process to consider all possibilities to recruit a more diverse and inclusive pool of candidates.

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