What's the Beef With Beef?

Unfold: Episode 1

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Cattle have been getting a bad rap as environmentally unfriendly sources of climate-changing greenhouse gases. They belch methane, which is shorter-lived than carbon dioxide but more potent in warming the atmosphere. These facts have advocates urging the public to eat less beef.  But animal-sourced food also plays a vital role in global nutrition. In this episode, we look more closely at cattle’s environmental hoofprint and look at how UC Davis scientists are researching ways to make livestock more sustainable.

From the Research



Pat Brown, CEO and founder of Impossible Foods, makers of the plant-based Impossible Burger.

Frank Mitloehner, professor and air quality specialist in the UC Davis Department of Animal Science. He conducts research on air quality and livestock production.

Ermias Kebreab, professor and Sesnon Endowed Chair with the Department of Animal Science He researches ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from animals, manure and soil.

Ken Tate, professor and rangeland watershed management extension specialist. He researches sustainable grazing practices and rangeland ecosystems.