On New Dealing and Social Spending

New From Historian Rauchway and Economist Lindert

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Arguably the greatest peaceable expression of common purpose in U.S. history, the New Deal altered Americans’ relationship with politics, economics and one another in ways that continue to resonate today. Rauchway looks at how this legacy, both for good and ill, informs the current debates around governmental response to crises.

Eric Rauchway, one of the best historians ever to write about the New Deal, has crafted a work here that is a must-read for those who’ve read nothing about the New Deal before, those who’ve read everything about it and anyone in between. With timeless prose and timely arguments, Why the New Deal Matters powerfully connects that era to our own. — Kevin M. Kruse, Princeton University

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How does social spending relate to economic growth and which countries have got this right and wrong? Lindert examines the experience of countries across the globe to reveal what has worked, what needs changing, and who the winners and losers are under different systems.

A must read for anyone interested in promoting just and sustainable growth. With pristine clarity, Lindert explains why social spending has risen everywhere. Using history and solid empirical evidence he debunks myths about negative effects and proposes new policies to facilitate inclusive growth and design a new social contract. — Nora Lustig, editor, Commitment to Equity Handbook

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