Spring Quarter Snapshot: Manetti Shrem Museum Continues to Share Art

As many remain sheltered in place, the Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art is focused on providing virtual avenues for art, activity and connection through a digital initiative: Manetti Shrem Museum At Home.


Take, for example, the museum’s interactive See and Sketch map, which leads would-be artists on a tour of 10 outdoor sculptures throughout the UC Davis campus. Take along some pens or pencils and a sketch pad, and plan to learn about the art all around.

Plus check out the Art Making section, where you can do things like “Build it with Brandon,” a YouTube video series, where building manager Brandon Annuzzi demonstrates how to construct objects such as time capsules, binoculars and race cars out of toilet paper tubes. And take a peek at exhibit and artist videos.

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