Spring Quarter Snapshot: Interviews Focus on How the Coronavirus is Changing Work

The Future of Work Series at UC Davis — which brings together experts from academia, government, and industry to discuss new and emerging fields of research and employment — did not want to completely shutter for the entire quarter.

Instead, the group is putting forth a limited series on the coronavirus pandemic during spring quarter 2020.


Rather than hosting its typical in-person events that pair an industry guest speaker with a faculty speaker, Future of Work co-founders, seniors and identical twins Livia Morris, a double major in science and technology studies and cognitive science, and Julia Morris, a science and technology studies major, are conducting video interviews from their home in Davis about work, specifically as it relates to the global health crisis and accompanying economic downturn being created by the pandemic.

This crisis has the potential to completely shift how we think about, engage with and evaluate work. Given the ways in which the pandemic is reorganizing different aspects of society, Future of Work organizers believe that students have a pressing need to hear about what the future of work might look like in a post-pandemic world.

These video interviews aim to help students plan for their futures during this time of extreme uncertainty. Interviews this quarter will fall into two broad categories: practical advice and strategies for how to weather the recession and its immediate impacts; and more macro-level discussions about how students can frame their early career decisions around turning the systemwide failures uncovered by the pandemic into opportunities to change society for the better.

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