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Work-life balance

By Dave Jones on January 12, 2007 in University

As you exit Beth Cohen's office, you may see a small sign that asks, "How do you want to feel today?"

She explained: "This saying comes from a psychologist who practices pain management. The saying implies, from my perspective, that we are often at choice on how we feel. Are we at the steering wheel in our lives or just going for the ride?

"We may not be able to change a situation, but we certainly can change how we perceive and, therefore, react to it."

So, how does Beth Cohen want to feel today? Based on her meditation background, she said, "Each day I work toward evenmindedness and joy."

"Please know that although only sometimes do I get glimpses of these, I still continue to aspire toward them.

"One method I have found helpful is remembering to have gratitude. We can view our lives from what we don't have yet or what we do have. Either perspective can promote a different mood and feeling about our lives."

— Dave Jones

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