UPDATED: Strong Gusts Leave a Mess Around Campus

A tree that fell onto the large animal clinic stables.
Tree crews worked today (Jan. 27) to clean up the tree that fell onto the large animal clinic stall at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. (UC Davis)

Updated 11:45 a.m. Jan. 28: Crews are continuing to clean up broken branches and downed trees around campus, and expect to have most debris cleared away by the end of the day Friday.

“We are making good headway in cleaning the campus of all storm debris,” said Tyson Mantor, assistant director of the Arboretum and Public Garden.

He expects most areas to be cleaned by the end of today, with the exception of the Arboretum, Large Animal Clinic, Center for Equine Health, Primate Center and area around Kemper Hall.

Employees will be able to work overtime to help with the cleanup effort if they choose, Mantor said.

Redwood branches litter the ground.
Crews working yesterday (Jan. 27) to clear branches from the redwood grove in the arboretum. (UC Davis)

Strong winds toppled a number of trees around campus in the overnight storm (Jan. 26-27), damaging a roof at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, knocking out power and communication lines near the California Raptor Center and causing other damage.

“Right now the Arboretum and Public Garden grounds team is working hard to make campus safe and drivable while continuing to learn about and assess areas where damage occurred,” said Katie Hetrick, a senior communications manager with Finance, Operations and Administration.

She said a tree fell onto the Cowell Building and another fell near the Buehler Alumni Center. The wind also brought down trees on Health Sciences Drive and a fence at the Chancellor’s Residence.

Plus, “there are lots of branches down everywhere,” Hetrick said.

At the veterinary hospital, a eucalyptus tree fell onto a stall at the Large Animal Clinic. No animals were injured, but the roof was badly damaged, Hetrick said.

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Tree branch down near the Mondavi Center.
Tree crews made short work of this downed limb near the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts. (TC Clark/UC Davis)
A downed tree branch.
“There are lots of branches down everywhere,” said Katie Hetrick, a senior communication manager in Finance, Operations and Administration. (Tim McConville/UC Davis)


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