W-2 Forms: Check Your Delivery Preference

Quick Summary

  • Be sure the new UCPath system knows what you want: electronic or mail
  • The deadline to make changes is Friday, Jan. 18, for this year’s forms
  • Most employees will receive 2 W-2s for 2019, due to the switch in systems

UCPath is encouraging all employees to log in to the new payroll and personnel system to ensure they will receive their W-2 forms the way they want them delivered — electronically or by mail.

Changes must be made by Saturday, Jan. 18, or they will be too late for the distribution of the 2019 forms. See below for information on how to check your delivery preference.

UC Davis, UC Davis Health and Davis-based Agriculture and Natural Resources made the switch to UCPath Sept. 27, and the UCPath team reports it discovered some people’s W-2 delivery preferences did not convert correctly from At Your Service Online— so this is why you need to check.

There’s more you should review as the new year gets underway. Here’s a checklist.

2 W-2s for 2019

UC Path also reminds that most employees will receive two W-2s this year, because of the switch in payroll and personnel systems.

  • One W-2 from At Your Service Online, for the months of January to September.
  • And one from UCPath for the months of October to December.

Note: If your first paycheck came after Sept. 30, you will only receive one W-2, from UCPath.


W-2s will be available electronically, on your computer, by Jan. 31. If you do not choose the electronic option, your forms will go in the mail — the U.S. mail this year, not campus mail — also by Jan. 31, but, of course, you will have to wait for them to arrive at your home.

The UCPath team encourages the electronic option, saying it is more secure and convenient, because you will have immediate access. The electronic option also promotes UC Davis’ dedication to sustainability.

Getting it done

To check your W-2 enrollment, log on to UCPath, then follow these steps:

  • Click on “Employee Actions” in the index at the left edge of the UCPath website, then click on “Income and Taxes,” then “Enroll to receive online W-2.”
  • If “Your Current Status” says “Consent Received,” you have already consented to receive your W-2 or W-2c forms electronically.
  • If “Your Current Status” says “No Consent Received,” you are not signed up. Check the box to sign up.

Once you have signed up, all notifications pertaining to your W-2/W-2c forms will be sent to your primary email address in the UCPath system. Here’s how to check your address and change your primary email:

  • Click on “Edit Profile” near the bottom of the index at the left edge of the UCPath website, then click on “Personal Information Summary.”
  • Open “Email Addresses” (it’s a drop-down menu).
  • The starred address is your primary email. To designate a different email as your primary, open the account and check the box labeled “Set as my primary email.” See below for information on how to add another email.  

Want to change your address or add an email address?

  • Click on “Change Email Addresses.”
  • Open the account you wish to change (you cannot change your UC Davis email address).
  • Click on “Add” (upper right-hand corner) to add an account. You can make it your primary address by checking the box.

Questions about your W-2s? See Who to Contact for Help.

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