UCPath: Want In? You Must Have Duo

Quick Summary

  • Multifactor authentication required for new payroll and personnel system, including open enrollment
  • Vacation and sick leave balances will be maintained in UCPath, and will no longer show on earnings statements
  • AggieTravel and job listings will be offline temporarily as part of transition to UCPath

Seventeen days until UCPath comes online at UC Davis, UC Davis Health and Davis-based UC Agriculture and Natural Resources — but guess what? You’re not getting in unless you have Duo multifactor authentication!

UCPath, the new payroll and personnel system for all of UC, is where you’ll go starting Friday, Sept. 27, to take care of most of the “business” of being a UC employee — for example, to view and print your earnings statements, sign up for direct deposit or change where you want to deposit your earnings, see your benefit enrollments, and review and-or change your beneficiaries.

Duo logo on green

Ready to enroll in Duo? See “How to Move to Duo” for instructions. Need help? Contact IT Express by phone, 530-754-HELP (4357), chat online or send an email.

In addition, IT Express consultants are attending UCPath town halls on the Davis campus to answer questions and/or help people enroll in Duo on the spot. The town halls:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 17 — 1-2 p.m., 180 Medical Sciences 1C (Health Sciences District)
  • Wednesday, Sept. 25 — 10:30-11:30 a.m., Ballroom B, ARC

UC Davis Health will hold two more town halls: Thursday (Sept. 12) and Monday (Sept. 16). See the schedule here.

From AYSO ...

In preparation for UC Davis’ move to UCPath, the At Your Service Online website became read-only as of Aug. 30. Which means that, for changes to personal information and tax withholding and direct deposit — tasks that you used to do in AYSO — you will need to wait for UCPath. (For beneficiary changes, you can file a paper form in the interim: form for employees and form for retirees, former employees and others.)

The AYSO site will remain live, however. In fact, AYSO is where employees will find their 2019 W-2 forms for earnings prior to UCPath’s go-live date. W-2 forms for earnings after that will be processed through UCPath.

... to UCPath

  • Direct deposit — You can designate up to three financial institutions for direct deposit (instead of just one).
  • Credit unions — Payroll deductions will end for regular deposits to credit union accounts. Instead, you will make such deposits by direct deposit. (This does not apply to deductions that you authorize for loan payments to a credit union, which will automatically convert to UCPath. If you have already designated a credit union for direct deposit, that arrangement also will continue automatically in UCPath.)
  • Vacation and sick leave balances — You’ll find them in UCPath; they will no longer be included on your earnings statements.
  • ID numbers — All employees will receive new employee identification numbers (EMPL ID), generated from the UCPath PeopleSoft platform. On your earnings statement this new number will replace the current Payroll Processing System (PPS) ID; a cross reference will be maintained to historical PPS IDs for access when required.

Down time

●︎ AggieTravel Officials said they expect their system to be unavailable after 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18, and all day Thursday, Sept. 19, to ensure a smooth transition of new ID numbers into AggieTravel. Access is expected to resume by the start of business on Friday, Sept. 20. 

●︎ Job listings No UC Davis Health staff jobs will be posted from 5 p.m. Sept. 12 to 8 a.m. Sept. 16, and no UC Davis or UC Davis Health staff jobs will be posted from 5 p.m. Sept. 26 to 8 a.m. Oct. 1.

Prior to the job listings going offline, none will have a closing date later than Sept. 25. Come Oct. 1, job postings will return to the UC Davis-UC Davis Health careers website. External applicants will need to register in UCPath’s new Talent Acquisition Management job application and applicant tracking system, while current employees can simply apply for jobs through the UCPath portal.

Because the existing job application system will be unavailable after Sept. 25, the UCPath team advises staff to back up any job applicant information they don’t have saved elsewhere, like resumes and employment history. 

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