UCPath: At Your Service Cutoff Is Aug. 29

UCPath "Change Direct Deposit" page shows on phone screen.
UCPath will allow employees to update personal and payroll information, view or enroll in benefits and more from a new, mobile-responsive portal.

Quick Summary

  • AYSO becomes read-only Aug. 30, so make changes before then or wait until UCPath
  • UCPath’s “go-live” date moves up to Sept. 27; new system will issue first paychecks Oct. 1 and 2
  • Learn more about UCPath at a 1-hour town hall — 5 more are on the calendar
  • You’ll need Duo for UCPath, and IT Express reps are available at the town halls to help set you up with the multifactor authentication app
  • Job listings will be taken offline temporarily in September, before going up Oct. 1 on UCPath

Updated 1 p.m. Aug. 28: Thursday (Aug. 29) is your last day to make changes in At Your Service Online, because the site will be read-only on and after Friday (Aug. 30). This is one day earlier than stated in this article as originally posted Aug. 27, based on information provided to Dateline.

Attention all employees: You have until this Thursday (Aug. 29) to make changes to your personal information, tax withholdings, direct deposit and beneficiaries in At Your Service Online, until its replacement, UCPath, goes live.

Nearly 35,000 employees at UC Davis, UC Davis Health and Davis-based UC Agriculture and Natural Resources will transition to the new payroll and personnel system.

And when is the “go-live” date? Friday, Sept. 27, the UCPath at UC Davis team announced this week. The team had previously referred to Oct. 1 as the “go-live” date but moved it up four days to align with the long-established date when employees will first have access to UCPath.

Even so, Oct. 1 remains the first payroll date in the new system for employees who are paid monthly. Employees who are paid biweekly will receive their pay from UCPath on Oct. 2. Earnings statements will be posted in UCPath one day before the payroll dates.

In preparation for the actual cutover, At Your Service Online will become read-only as of this Friday (Aug. 30). UCPath officials are encouraging employees to log in before then to verify their personal information — address and phone number(s) — and update it if necessary.

Your next opportunity to make changes to personal information, tax withholdings, direct deposit and beneficiaries will be Sept. 27, through UCPath’s Employee Self Service Portal.

At Your Service Online, in read-only mode Aug. 30 and thereafter, will still be useful to see your earnings statements, to print them if you wish, and, most important, compare your last statement to your first UCPath earnings statement, to look for errors that may occur during the switchover.

Some errors will involve pennies, the result of different accounting systems and the way they handle rounding. UCPath uses industry-standard, automated calculations for payroll deductions and withholdings.

“Our goal is to see net pay be within plus or minus 5 cents, but anything outside that range should be reported to your supervisor immediately,” said Susan McCutcheon, program manager for UCPath at UC Davis and eight-year veteran of the project. Emergency pay options will be available for employees with significant payroll issues. More information is available here.

Town halls and Duo

Duo app on tablet

UC Davis Health will hold four more town halls: Wednesday (Aug. 28) through Monday, Sept. 16. See the schedule here.

You’ll need to be enrolled in Duo multifactor authentication to access UCPath. (Note: Open enrollment this fall will be conducted through UCPath, giving you another reason to enroll in Duo.)

See “How to Move to Duo” for instructions. IT Express consultants are attending all Davis campus UCPath town halls in August and September, available to answer questions about Duo and/or help people enroll on the spot. IT Express is also glad to help with Duo support questions at other times: Call 530-754-HELP (4357), chat online or send an email.

Direct deposit and pay cards

Effective with October payroll dates, paper paychecks will no longer be distributed on campus. Instead, they will go in the U.S. mail to home addresses — and the checks will not be mailed until the actual payroll dates — meaning employees could be waiting a few days for their checks. This is why the university has been pushing direct deposit, which makes pay available in employees’ accounts on the actual payroll dates.

The deadlines to switch to direct deposit prior to UCPath’s deployment have come and gone. You can still make the switch, but not until UCPath goes live Sept. 27 (and that will be too late to keep your Oct. 1 or Oct. 2 paychecks from going in the U.S. mail).

UCPath pay card (like a credit card)

But, you cannot sign up for a pay card until UCPath goes live Sept. 27, meaning that, without having previously signed up for direct deposit, your Oct. 1 paycheck (if you are paid monthly) or Oct. 2 paycheck (if you are paid biweekly) will come by U.S. mail. Learn more about pay cards.

For employees who already are signed up for direct deposit, there's nothing you need to do — all your information will transfer from At Your Service Online to UCPath. Note, however, in UCPath you will have the option of splitting your earnings into two or three deposits, instead of putting all of your pay into one account. More information on direct deposit through UCPath.

Job listings to come down

As part of the transition to UCPath, UC Davis and UC Davis Health will be taking job listings offline temporarily.

  • UC Davis Health — No staff jobs will be posted from 5 p.m. Sept. 12 to 8 a.m. Sept. 16.
  • UC Davis and UC Davis Health — No staff jobs will be posted from 5 p.m. Sept. 26 to 8 a.m. Oct. 1.

Prior to the job listings going offline, none will have a closing date later than Sept. 25. Come Oct. 1, job postings will return to the UC Davis-UC Davis Health careers website. External applicants will need to register in UCPath’s new Talent Acquisition Management job application and applicant tracking system, while current employees can simply apply for jobs through the UCPath portal.

Because the existing job application system will be unavailable after Sept. 25, the UCPath team advises staff to back up any job applicant information they don’t have saved elsewhere, like resumes and employment history. 

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