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UC Grad Students Take Research to Capitol

By Dateline Staff on March 14, 2016 in University

Graduate students from around UC are bound for the state Capitol on Wednesday (March 16) to meet with lawmakers for UC Graduate Research Advocacy Day. The students will be talking up the important and audacious research that is taking place every day across UC campuses and graduate programs — research that is relevant in California and beyond.

Here are the UC Davis representatives:

 Hanjiro Ambrose mugshotHanjiro Ambrose, graduate student in transportation technology, is measuring emissions beyond the tailpipe — i.e., studying the environmental impact of vehicles over their entire lifecycles, not just the time when the vehicles are on the road. Electric vehicles, for example, often include batteries and lightweight body materials that are more carbon-intensive to produce. Ambrose aims to assist consumers in making better choices when choosing vehicles and improve carbon-reduction policies.

Jacqueline Barkoski, doctoral student in epidemiology, is investigating a possible link between a common household pesticide and an increased risk for autism. She’s testing 170 pregnant women for traces of pyrethoid pesticide, a common substance in household and industrial sprays, to see if the women’s exposure to the pesticide while pregnant has an effect on their unborn children, in terms of them having an increased likelihood of developing autism.

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