UC Davis Releases 2 Audit Reports

Reports Address Counseling Services and Student Fees

An exterior photo of the Student Health and Wellness Center
The Student Health and Wellness Center is home to Student Health and Counseling Services. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

UC Davis is releasing two audit reports on Student Fees and Counseling Services. The review on Student Fees was concluded in September 2017. The audit on Counseling Services was completed in December 2017.

Student Fee Review

Audit and Management Advisory Services Project 17-54

The audit assessed whether certain student fees have been governed in accordance with applicable policies, guidelines and referenda language. The audit focused on the four largest fees: Student Services Fee, Campus Expansion Initiative, Facilities and Campus Enhancements, and Student Activities and Services Initiative. The report addressed management and authority over student fees, accumulation and spending of reserves, expenditure of funds, application of inflationary increases to the fees, and allocation of return-to-aid funds. The report contained many helpful findings, including: that funds have been expended appropriately and return-to-aid provisions have been allocated correctly; that the governance and management structure for the oversight of the fees could be strengthened; and that certain reporting procedures could be enhanced to better fulfill the university’s transparency initiatives.

Student Fee Review

Counseling Services

Audit and Management Advisory Services Project 17-67

The audit evaluated uses of funds earmarked for Counseling Services, whether access to clinical services increased since 2014, reviewed metrics associated with accessibility, and analyzed the administrative structure of Student Health and Counseling Services. The report concluded that uses of funds earmarked for Counseling Services were generally appropriate, that access to services is slowly expanding, and that students who are able to access services are very satisfied with the quality of services provided by Counseling Services. There were several opportunities for improvement that Student Health and Counseling Services has already taken or is actively pursuing.

Counseling Services audit report

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