UC Davis Presents Conference ‘Debunking Deportation Myths’ Tuesday

Economists, Lawyers, Sociologists, Researchers and Practitioners From Throughout the World Will Speak

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As U.S. policymakers struggle to find a policy solution to address the restrictions on legal immigration that lead to undocumented immigration, deportations have become a reality affecting the lives of millions of immigrants and local communities.

This conference brings together researchers ranging from sociology, to economics, to foreign language and law, practitioners, and lawyers from UC Davis and throughout the world to analyze different aspects of deportation. The first part of the conference presents new research on the local effects of deportations on the economy and on crime, and on the effects of immigrant detention on families and children. In the second part, attendees learn from stories of deported people and hear from activists and practitioners who will discuss their experiences assisting immigrants with legal issues in their deportation proceedings. 

This conference and roundtable is organized by the UC Davis Migration Research Cluster with support from the UC Mexico Initiative.


Speakers include:

  • Giovanni Peri, professor of economics, UC Davis, “Deportations and Crime”
  • Caitlin Patler, professor of sociology, UC Davis, “Detentions and Families”
  • José Israel Ibarra, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, “Cultural and Psychosocial Impacts of Deportation in Tijuana”
  • Luis Rodolfo Morán Quiroz, Enrique Martínez Curiel, Universidad de Guadalajara, “Cultural and Psychosocial Impacts of Deportation in Rural Jalisco,” and others


Tuesday, March 5, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.


UC Davis Student Community Center,  map.

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