‘UC Davis Live’ (and in Love)

Plus, Red Sweatshirts at UC Davis Stores

UC Davis Valentines overflow this week and next, with a UC Davis LIVE featuring psychology professors discussing relationships and attachment in people and animals, our “Aggies in Love” map and special-edition red UC Davis sweatshirts. Oh, and some “real” Valentines, too, well, make that digital Valentines — all of them that fit UC Davis to a T, as in “Love you from my head to-ma-toes” — to send by text or email, or to post to social media.


Spring is coming, and the stores are full of red hearts and candy. What does science have to tell us about how we fall in love, and with whom? What makes us swipe left or right, and does that have anything to do with successful relationships?

Join us for UC Davis LIVE this Thursday (Feb. 10) for a discussion of these questions with two faculty members from the Department of Psychology:

  • Paul Eastwick, who runs the Attraction and Relationships Research Laboratory, investigates how people initiate romantic relationships, and the psychological mechanisms that keep couples happy and committed to each other. 
  • Karen Bales, a core scientist at the California National Primate Research Center, studies the neurobiology of pair-bonding and biparental care in prairie voles and titi monkeys, species that form lasting monogamous bonds. 

The conversation, hosted by Soterios Johnson, will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube beginning at 11 a.m.

Questions can be submitted via Facebook and Twitter either in advance or during the show.

— Andy Fell, News and Media Relations

"Aggies in Love" in heart, atop campus couple photo collage

‘Aggies in Love’

Strategic Communications’ social media team has been collecting stories from Aggies who fell in love with someone or discovered a passion or favorite spot on or near campus. We will share those stories on a map on Valentine’s Day, pinpointing the places where the stars aligned for our Aggies.

Look for the “Aggies in Love” map on UC Davis social media channels on Feb. 14:


Two women and man in red "UC Davis" sweatshirts, posing at London phone booth
UC Davis Stores student employees are wearing red and calling their friends to come get their sweatshirts. Pictured, from left: Daniela Camarena, Priscilla Nungaray and Indi Mejia. (DJ Nicholson/UC Davis)

Valentine’s Day sale

UC Davis sweatshirts are turning red for Valentine’s Day, to be available for sale one day only, Monday (Feb. 14), at the Campus Store and Downtown Store. The sweatshirts, priced at $14, will be sold in-store only. Only two per customer, as supply is limited.

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