UC Davis features immigration scholars at conference


This conference brings together top world scholars who have analyzed the economic, demographic, political and social consequences of migrations. A group of policy advisers and experts will provide their perspective on the present and future of immigration reforms in the U.S.

Full program and list of speakers.


Thursday, Jan. 22; Friday, Jan. 23

Full agenda.


UC Davis Activities and Recreation Center Ballroom, corner of La Rue and Orchard roads


Speakers include:

From UC Davis:

  • Giovanni Peri, professor of economics, and director, UC Davis Temporary Migration Cluster
  • Rose Cuison Villazor, professor of law
  • J. Ed Taylor, professor of agricultural and resource economics
  • Concluding remarks by UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi


  • Erika Lee, director of the Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota
  • Natalia Molina, professor of history and urban studies, and associate vice chancellor for Faculty Diversity and Equity, UC San Diego
  • David McKenzie, lead economist in the Development Research Group, World Bank


The Temporary Migration Cluster at the University of California, Davis, is a research network bringing together economists, sociologists, political scientists, historians, demographers and law scholars. The cluster develops innovative multidisciplinary research to study issues linked to the determinants and consequences of international migrations. In particular, it studies how international movements of people are driven by economic, demographic, political, historical and social determinants, and how they re-shape the economy and society of the receiving countries. The cluster was founded in September 2013 with funding from the UC Davis Interdisciplinary Frontiers in the Humanities and Arts program through the Office of Research.

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