TAPS: Shuttle Tickets and Stack Parking

Cars parked in aisle of parking structure.
We’re more likely to see stack parking in inclement weather; i.e., winter quarter. (Ryan Jones/UC Davis)

Transportation Services, or TAPS, announced a new, mobile option for the purchase of intercampus shuttle tickets and issued a reminder about stack parking.

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Paper tickets and passes are still available at transportation offices on the Davis and Sacramento campuses. Drivers do not accept cash.

“We hope ZipPass will simplify your shuttle experience and encourage more people to choose the shuttle instead of driving between the campuses,” Transportation Services said in a post about the new purchase option.

See the complete post for instructions of using ZipPass.

Effective April 6, the intercampus shuttle will be replaced by the Causeway Connection electric-bus service, connecting the UC Davis campuses while also including other Sacramento stops at certain times of day. The new service will be open to the public.

SacRT and Yolobus will operate the Causeway Connection in partnership with UC Davis. Read more about the new service.

STACK PARKING — This system of fitting more cars into certain parking lots and garages is something you are more likely to see in winter quarter when inclement weather prompts more people to drive to work, instead of biking or walking.

When stack parking is in effect, you may be directed to park in an aisle, and you will have to leave your keys — so that parking attendants can move your car if it is blocking another person’s car, and that person needs to get out.

TAPS has made provision to implement stack parking, when needed, in these locations:

Stack parking hours are 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays — but only when attendants determine it is needed. So, some days will have stack parking and some days will not, in the specified lots and garages.

If you are unable to retrieve your vehicle before 6 p.m., you will have until 9:30 p.m. to retrieve your keys from the entry kiosk at the Pavilion Parking Structure.

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