TAPS sets up bike repair stations around the campus

Bike riders get a break on tickets, but not on the rules.

By Dateline staff

They are like Swiss Army knives. Only bigger. And blue. And for bikes.

They are Dero Fixit stations — with tools and air pumps. Transportation and Parking Services (which includes the Bicycle Program) recently put in six of the stations around the Davis campus. They are free for anyone to use.

Student Housing put in three of their own last fall — they are black — locating them near existing air compressors in the Segundo, Tercero and Cuarto housing areas.

The fix-it stations double as bike stands, so you can set your bike off the ground while making repairs. Each tool hangs on its own cable. “All in all, it’s a clever design,” said David Takemoto-Weerts, Bicycle Program coordinator.

“When you’re riding on campus and need a quick adjustment, tweak, tightening or air, look for the big blue fix-it stations. Enjoy!”

The Dero Fixit stations come with tire levers, screwdrivers and all kinds of wrenches: 9/16-inch pedal, box-end, Torx, headset and Allen. TAPS added a crescent wrench to each of its bike repair stations.

They are located here:

  • Activities and Recreation Center — In front of the building
  • Bike Barn — near the entrance
  • Memorial Union — southeast corner
  • Scrubs Café — east side of the café in the Health Sciences District
  • Shields Library — south end of the bike parking area in front of the library
  • TAPS Building — along the Dairy Road bike path that runs alongside the Hutchison Intramural Field, adjacent to the west entry parking garage

“The stations are working out very well and TAPS looks forward to installing additional stations in other areas to accommodate the campus’s 20,000 plus daily bicyclists,” said Cliff Contreras, TAPS director.

Takemoto-Weerts said potential new sites include Mrak Hall-King Hall and UC Davis West Village.

More about Dero Fixit stations.


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