‘Tap’ Into Your Well-Being Ticket Deal

Dorrance dancers jumping on stage.
Staff and faculty’s first Well-Being Ticket Deal of the year: the Dorrance tap-dancing company.

The Well-Being Ticket Deal is back — an opportunity for staff and faculty members to get seats for $10 for selected shows at the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts.

The first deal is for Dorrance Dance, a tap-dance company, Sunday, Oct. 29. Seven more offers will be announced monthly the rest of the year.

The Mondavi Center and the Staff and Faculty Health and Well-Being Program are partnering on the Well-Being Ticket Deal for the second year in a row.

Each month from October to May you’ll have 14 days, from the 1st to the 14th, to purchase your discounted tickets (limit two per person at $10) for shows to be held later the same month, or, in one case, early the next month. All performances are in Jackson Hall.

Here is the first Well-Being Ticket Deal for 2017-18 (click on the box for more information and the ticket link):

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