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The policy and processing elements of student employment have moved from the Internship and Career Center to Student Affairs Human Resources.

Campus units should experience no changes in policy interpretations or the way they post positions. Student positions in the STDT series will continue to be posted in Handshake, as they have since UC Davis started using the platform in 2019.


For many years, Ken Barnes and Ami Tripp provided student employment leadership through their roles at the Internship and Career Center. Tripp left the center for another role on campus in early 2023, and Barnes, still at the center, helped make the student employment transition to Student Affairs Human Resources seamless.

“Ami and Ken provided outstanding support to campus during their time overseeing the policy and processing of student employment, and continue to generously share their valuable institutional knowledge,” said Marcie Kirk Holland, executive director of the Internship and Career Center.

— Dateline staff

The move of student employment policy and processing from the Internship and Career Center to Student Affairs HR re-aligns student employment with human resources, where it had been housed several decades ago. This move also supports a campus initiative to ensure that policies for student staff are consistent with policies and practices for career employees.

Student Affairs hires nearly half of the more than 7,000 students employed by campus each year and this change is expected to create efficiencies.

New classification for grad student employees

Graduate students working in positions that require extensive training and-or expertise obtained either through graduate-level coursework or advanced, prior experience can now work in the Student Assistant 4, or STDT 4, title code.

The change, approved by the UC Office of the President and made in collaboration between Student Affairs, Graduate Studies and the Internship and Career Center, is designed to facilitate placement of UC Davis graduate students in high level, non-academic positions that are distinct from Graduate Student Research and Teaching Assistant positions.

STDT 4 pay scales have been modified to reflect higher salaries for graduate students in eligible positions.

Graduate STDT 4 positions may not include any research or teaching responsibilities as those roles are associated with Graduate Research Assistant (Title Code 3282) and Teaching Assistant (Title Code 2310) positions. Refer to the Graduate Studies website for the payroll ranges and approved responsibilities, as well as the eligibility and restrictions for the use of the STDT 4 title code.

Undergraduates may still be employed in STDT 4 positions, but are not eligible to hold the higher level positions designated for advanced degree students. Additionally, undergraduates are not eligible for the higher STDT 4 wage rates. If a position is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, by definition it does not meet the standards for the higher pay range.

Like all positions in the STDT series, to hire for STDT 4 positions, submit the posting in Handshake for review and approval.

For more information, contact Graduate Studies or the Student Employment Center.

Media Resources

Emma Mazzamuto is a student life HR analyst, and can be reached by email. Marcie Kirk Holland is executive director of the Internship and Career Center, and can be reached by email.

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