Student Group Hosts Riley Gaines Talk

The Davis College Republicans student organization hosted an event featuring Riley Gaines on Friday, Nov. 3. 

Gaines addressed an audience of about 150 people in the UC Davis Conference Center. 

The talk took place on schedule, and student organizers closed registration as the event began. Beforehand, four people were turned away at the door for refusing to show identification. 

About 100 protesters and a small group of counter-protesters gathered outside the center before and during the event. 

The UC Davis Police Department took reports of two assaults. No one requested medical attention. 

Police also fielded a separate report of vandalism. Protesters broke the glass on doors and a window on a campus building a short distance from the event. Graffiti was painted on one building and Egghead statues. 

No one was arrested. 

UC Davis is committed to ensuring that all members of our community, including transgender and nonbinary people, are treated with dignity and respect and are able to flourish on our campus.   

As a public university, UC Davis is dedicated to the First Amendment and the pursuit of knowledge through the free, open and non-violent exchange of ideas. 

Allowing registered student groups to use campus facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the university of the event, the speakers or the views expressed. 

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