Statement From Chancellor Gary S. May About the U.S. Presidential Election

Photo of the chancellor on the quad with his arms crossed.
Chancellor Gary S. May

Chancellor Gary S. May issued the following statement today (Nov. 7):

To the UC Davis community:  

Our nation has voted, and, after long hours of counting this week, we have a new president of the United States. I join others in offering my sincere congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.   

I want to thank our students, faculty and staff for going above and beyond to get the word out to vote. Your efforts were truly extraordinary. You represent the excellence we achieve when we strive for a better world together.  

Let’s acknowledge that this has been a year like no other. We’ve been dealing with the challenges of COVID-19, economic uncertainties, sustained social unrest around systemic racism and the impacts of climate change. Now a highly divisive political campaign season has run its course. I know many of you may feel tired, vulnerable, frightened or uncertain as a result of the election. If you’re stressed to any degree, you are not alone.  

I encourage you to take advantage of a variety of resources to you help you navigate the days and months ahead, including:  

  • Student Health and Counseling Services has created a “Tips for Managing Socio-Political Stress” flyer. They also offer confidential counseling services. 
  • Our Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has a “Caring for Ourselves and Our Community: Election 2020” webpage with a variety of resources. 
  • Follow official sources — If you’re looking for election updates, be sure to follow official sources of information, including county elections offices, secretaries of state and reputable news outlets. 
  • Remember our Principles of Community We’re a campus community that can disagree respectfully. We honor our differences and celebrate our common ground. 

Our Aggie community has shown time and again that it knows how to rally together, both to celebrate and to confront challenges. Let’s do our part to strengthen our bonds and heal the divisions left by a tumultuous year. One of the great tenets of our Principles of Community is that we recognize the value we all bring to UC Davis, no matter what our background or perspective may be. Let’s rededicate ourselves to those ideals. 

We should be prepared for continued unrest in the months to come. Whatever happens, we will remain connected. We’ll continue to aspire toward the values that make us strong and keep us optimistic about the future.  

Gary S. May

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