Short-Term Bike and Scooter Rentals Coming Next Week

Two students ride Spin Bikes through bike circle
E-bikes and e-scooters will available to rent through Spin starting Sept. 8. (Anjie Cook/UC Davis)

The next time you’re running late for a class or meeting across campus, you could speed up your trip by renting an electric bike or scooter from Spin, a company partnering with UC Davis and the city of Davis to bring devices to the area starting Sept. 8.


  1. Download the Spin app:
  2. Create an account with your UC Davis email address.
  3. Wear a helmet!
  4. Visit the Transportation Services website for more tips.

Spin will offer e-bikes, as well as e-scooters. The e-bikes are pedal driven, with electric motor assist. There are also options for wheelchair users, as well as sit-down scooters. Users must be 18 years or older and have a valid driver’s license to ride.

Users can rent through the Spin app, and the company offers alternative options for those without smartphones and-or credit cards, like a system based on text messages. 

The company’s launch in Davis had previously been scheduled for Sept. 1.

Prices and policies

Bikes and scooters will be $1 to unlock, plus 32 cents per minute to ride. A $60 flat rate for three months of usage is also available. Those who qualify as low-income or receive financial aid such as the Pell Grant or Public Assistance Grants will be eligible for Spin Access, which will reduce the price to 50 cents to unlock the bikes and scooters, plus 10 cents per minute to ride.

Spin is the first bike- and scooter-sharing program in Davis since Jump pulled its bikes from the area in the early months of the pandemic. The company — along with its partners on campus and at the city — is looking to avoid some of the issues commonly associated with bikeshare, like parking and safety concerns.

UC Davis emphasizes safety for all bicyclists: Free bike helmets and lights are available on campus through the Helmet Hair Don’t Care and Lit Not Hit programs. Specific safety tips for Spin riders — plus information on using the app — can be found on the Transportation Services website.

The city and university will designate slow or no-ride zones, where scooters and bikes will automatically reduce speed or cut the electric motors entirely. Parking will also be prohibited in certain areas. A map showing those restrictions is available in the Spin app.

For example, the map currently shows no riding on the Quad and Mrak Mall, and slow riding zones near Wellman Hall and just north of Mrak Hall.

The app enforces a “lock-to” policy, where the bike or scooter has to be locked to a campus bike rack or parked following city guidelines at the end of the trip. A photo must be submitted to end the trip or charges will continue to build. Repeat violators can be banned from the app.

Spin will also come and remove a bike or scooter that is reported for being parked incorrectly.

Program will expand

The number of bikes and scooters available will be limited at first, but will gradually expand throughout the month. Spin plans to have 400 e-bikes and 200 e-scooters available to rent by the start of the fall quarter.

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