Scooters and Bikes: Charge Off Campus, Lock Up Outdoors

Person rides one-wheeled scooter near fall leaves.
Charge your scooters and bikes off campus, and only store them inside university buildings in designated personal spaces like offices or cubicles, Transportation Services says. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

Transportation Services and other campus partners are providing a reminder that bikes, scooters and other wheeled devices cannot be ridden, charged or stored indoors.

Those devices — both electric and non-electric — are everywhere on campus, but this quarter has seen a significant uptick in people riding and charging transportation devices indoors, posing safety concerns.

What’s allowed and what’s not

Wheelchairs and assistive devices are always allowed inside university facilities.

However, charging electric transportation devices indoors is prohibited due to fire safety concerns. Campus regulations also prohibit storing transportation devices inside university buildings, except in designated personal spaces like cubicles or offices, and riding any transportation device indoors.

Transportation devices are not allowed inside public spaces like the library or lecture halls, laboratories (as outlined in the Laboratory Safety Manual), or in hallways, walkways or along handrails.

If you encounter an unsafe situation where a device is being used or stored inappropriately, please contact the Transportation Services Bicycle Program by emailing or calling 530-752-2453.

Tips for owners

  • Invest in a high-quality lock to secure your transportation device at one of the 30,000 bike rack spaces on campus.
  • Register your transportation device through the Bicycle Program.
  • Charge your device off campus to comply with safety policies.
  • Take advantage of Spin: This program provides our community access to a fleet of electric bike and scooter devices without the worry of theft or charging on campus.

Transportation Services is asking the campus community to help drive awareness around existing policies and practices that will promote safety.

Information on policy background and non-compliance processes, as well as FAQs and designs for facility managers and those responsible for communicating about devices indoors, are available on the Transportation Services website.

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Shelby Slutzker is an engagement and marketing specialist with Transportation Services, and can be reached by email.

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