While most make a full recovery, for some people, the symptoms of COVID-19 can last for months. These patients are called “long-haulers” and UC Davis Health recently opened a clinic specifically to help. What is long-haul COVID? Why do some people have long-lasting health problems, and what can be done to help them? Join us online this Thursday, Dec. 3 to hear from a doctor treating these patients and someone who’s experienced long-haul COVID.

The guests:

  • Christian Sandrock is a professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine at UC Davis Health. He specializes in treating respiratory infections and has been on the frontlines of treating COVID-19 patients. Dr Sandrock is part of the team that recently launched a Post-COVID-19 Clinic to help patients dealing with long-term health issues associated with COVID-19. His research focuses on preventing outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases and improving ICU care for critically ill patients.
  • Marina Oshana is a professor emerita with the UC Davis Department of Philosophy and a patient of the UC Davis Health Pulmonary Medicine Clinic. She has been dealing with symptoms of COVID-19 since Feb. of this year.