This video was streamed live and recorded on Oct. 28, 2021

Proper ventilation is important for a healthy home or workspace. Circulating fresh air from outside can dilute airborne viruses and other indoor pollutants, but when the outside air is thick with smoke we need to keep it out. What can we do to manage our indoor air and keep it clean and healthy? Joining us on this episode of UC Davis LIVE are these two experts: 

- Richard Corsi is dean of the UC Davis College of Engineering and an international expert on indoor air quality. He is a UC Davis alumnus, earning his master’s and doctoral degrees here, and recently returned to campus to lead the College of Engineering. During the pandemic he has been involved in national efforts to reduce exposure to airborne viruses. His concept of a low-cost do-it-yourself air cleaner to combat virus-laden aerosol particles and wildfire smoke has become known worldwide as the Corsi-Rosenthal Box.

- Theresa Pistochini is co-director of engineering at the Western Cooling Efficiency Center and the Energy Efficiency Institute at UC Davis. She leads a team of 11 R&D engineers and a variety of R&D and demonstration projects in building energy efficiency including HVAC technologies, envelope improvements, and indoor air quality monitoring. Prior to the pandemic she led a major survey of ventilation in California schools.