This video was streamed live and recorded on Friday, Jan. 14, 2022

It's the beginning of 2022, and it feels like we’ve been here before as a new coronavirus variant, #Omicron, rapidly spreads through the population. We have more knowledge about the virus and new tools such as vaccines and treatments that we didn’t have this time last year – but we also have a new and highly infectious variant.

Joining us on this episode to discuss the state of the pandemic are these two experts:

- As Public Health Officer for Yolo County, Dr Aimee Sisson has been leading local efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic. She was previously Public Health Officer for Placer County and served as a Public Health Medical Officer at the California Department of Public Health for over 10 years.

- Lorena Garcia is a Professor of Epidemiology at the UC Davis School of Medicine and Chair of the Graduate Group in Epidemiology. Her research focuses on health disparities and social determinants of health.