7 Places to Eat at UC Davis

where to eat at uc davis
Opened in January 2020, UC Davis eatery Latitude serves a variety of authentic food from across the world. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

Whether you're looking for a refreshing beverage, a quick bite to eat or a complete meal, there are a number of eateries located at UC Davis to satisfy just about any craving.

UC Davis Dining Services provides some of the finest collegiate dining offerings in the country, with delicious, nutritious meals made from sustainable sources. While Dining Services makes sure campus restaurants, residential dining halls, coffee shops, markets and food truck rodeos are available at UC Davis to everyone, it is not alone in that pursuit.


places to eat dining commons at uc davis
Dining Commons

There are four dining commons located across campus, one in each residence hall area (Segundo, Tercero and Cuarto). While the DCs may be the primary location where residence hall residents eat, they are also open to the campus community and the public.

Opened in January 2020, Latitude is a unique eating experience to UC Davis. Unlike its three dining commons counterparts, this 500-seat eatery comes with a separate retail café serving food to go, and four platforms, dividing its food offerings into regions: Latin American, Asian, European and Indian and Middle Eastern dining.

All dining commons, including Latitude, accept meal plans and Aggie Cash.

Segundo DC   Tercero DC   Cuarto DC   Latitude   


what to eat restaurants uc davis

Fine dining restaurant experiences at a university? Why yes, they do exist, and you can find a few at UC Davis. Enjoy a nice meal with some friends or family at Scrubs Café or make reservations at The Gunrock.

*The Gunrock and Silo restaurants will reopen in early 2020

The Gunrock   Scrubs Café   


where to eat coffee house uc davis
Coffee Spots

Coffee and tea are a morning staple for many. Whether it's trying to find coffee, tea, matcha or a bite to eat, at the UC Davis ASUCD Coffee House, known commonly as the CoHo, is the go-to caffeine spot for many. The CoHo also includes a number of small food vendors, perfect for breakfast and lunch options.

There are a number of Peet's Coffee stations as well as other coffee shops found across campus.

The CoHo is located inside the Memorial Union, along with a number of other food vendors offering sandwiches, pizza, salad, Tex-Mex and more.

CoHo Coffee   Campus Coffee Spots   


where to eat the silo uc davisThe Silo

The Silo is a safe bet for the indecisive eater. Nestled at the center of the UC Davis campus, the Silo has food options for just about anyone. On one end of the Silo you can find sandwiches, pizza and a small market filled with grab-and-go food options. On the other end of the Silo, a Peet's Coffee shop and two restaurants offering quick food options can be found inside. And right outside, a fleet of food trucks are available.

Silo Restaurants   Silo Market   

*Silo restaurants will reopen in early 2020


where to eat food trucks uc davis
Food Trucks

Still not sure where to eat? UC Davis has partnered with many local food truck vendors throughout the area. With a rotating schedule of food trucks, there's always something different rolling through campus. Be sure to check the UC Davis food truck schedule and UC Davis food truck locations, so you don't miss your favorites.

Food Truck Schedule   Food Truck Locations   


where to eat campus markets uc davis
Campus Markets

There are several markets around campus, filled with plenty of food and drink options for on-the-go people.

The Residential Markets offer a large selection of food and beverage options, including healthy snacks, beverages, instant foods and more. All stores accept Aggie Cash.

The Silo Market offers a variety of healthy foods, snacks and drinks, including made-to-order pizza, deli sandwiches, soups and other international flavors.

Residential Markets   Silo Market   Scrubs Café Market   

Dining Services along with the ASUCD manage a number of other dining and food services, too. For a full list of dining, catering and other food-related services be sure to check out their websites.

Student Housing and Dining Services   ASUCD Coffee House   

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