Parking Rate Increase Set for Sept. 1

Parking rates on campus will increase effective Sept. 1, with most drivers seeing a 50 cent increase per day, Transportation Services announced last week.

The increases will “ensure that Transportation Services meets its obligation to maintain safe and sustainable infrastructure used by drivers, cyclists and pedestrians,” the office says on its website. Transportation Services added that the increases will help address deferred maintenance.

New rates: $2.50 for L, $4 for C

The new rates range from $2.50 per day for motorcycle or L lots (up from $2.25) to $4 for C lots (up from $3.50) and $5.10 for A or C+ lots (up from $4.60).


Transportation Services will provide updates on the switch to Amp Park and other initiatives, and will take questions, during a forum next week. Register to submit questions in advance.

It will now cost $2 a day, on top of the regular permit rate, for four hours of electric vehicle charging, up from $1 a day.

The rate for visitors to park on campus is increasing from $15 to $16 per day.

Monthly permits — available to employees and others who receive special approval from Transportation Services — are increasing by $5 per month (and $2 extra per month to charge an electric vehicle), with the exceptions of the chancellor parking permit, which increases to $225 per month from a rate of $200 per month.

The full list of rates, including off-peak permits, 35 or 70-minute parking, dual-campus permits for those who travel between Davis and Sacramento, and more, is available on the Transportation Services website.

Parking fees were last increased in 2022.

New mobile app: Switch by Oct. 1

Most people on campus pay for parking each day through a mobile app, and Transportation Services is switching from ParkMobile to Aggie Park (which uses the Amp Park app). Either app can be used now, but ParkMobile will be discontinued on campus after Oct. 1.

The new app greatly simplifies the process of choosing a zone — drivers choose C or L, for example, instead of entering a specific zone number.

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