ORG CHART: Executive Assistant Dean, Bohart Director

This week, Org Chart has news about a leader in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, a museum director and, perhaps most importantly of all, a four-legged staff member across the Causeway.

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CA&ES financial leader

Brian McEligot
Brian McEligot

Brian McEligot has been appointed executive assistant dean of Finance and Administration in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

McEligot, who has been with the college in a variety of positions since 2007, began his new role Jan. 28.

The executive assistant dean is the lead financial and administrative officer for the college, whose responsibilities include focusing on resource management, planning, policy matters, information technology, business services and operating and capital budgets.

“I’m excited to get more involved with the college’s budget processes and do the analysis,” McEligot said. “In this new role I get to step forward and communicate that budget process, but also help dean Dillard present the budget to the provost, advocate for resources and communicate the strength of the college.”

Read more on the college’s website.

Bohart Museum director

Jason Bond
Jason Bond

Professor Jason Bond took over Feb. 1 as the new director of the R.M. Bohart Museum of Entomology, which houses the seventh largest insect collection in North America. Bond succeeds Lynn Kimsey, distinguished professor with the Department of Entomology and Nematology, who retired last month after serving as the museum’s director and curator since 1990.

Since it first opened in 1946, the Bohart Museum has grown from having 200 specimens to nearly 8 million. It features diverse collections of mites, moths, spiders, beetles, worms and more. It has one of the world’s largest collections of tardigrades, tiny aquatic animals also known as water bears.

The future of the museum is now in Bond’s hands and he’s ready for the fun adventure ahead.

“It’s really exciting, and right off the bat it’s going to be a lot of fun because of the great shape that the museum is in owing to Lynn’s great work,” Bond said.

Read more about Bond.

— Tiffany Dobbyn

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