Officer Corona’s Funeral Will Impact Parking

Davis police badge with mourning band
Mourning bands are attached to law enforcement officers’ badges.

Quick Summary

  • All campus activities, including classes, will continue as normally scheduled
  • 1 garage and several lots reserved for law enforcement officers and others attending the funeral
  • Campus is making other space available for staff, faculty, students — and urging employees to use public transit, or to bike or walk
  • City streets and lots also available for parking, at no charge and without permit regulations
  • Bicycling map shows road and path advisories, closures and detours

UC Davis will host a funeral this Friday (Jan. 18) for slain Davis police officer Natalie Corona, at 11 a.m. in The Pavilion at the ARC.

The campus is setting aside a parking garage and several parking lots for law enforcement officers from around the state and country, as well as family and friends and the public. As many as 6,000 officers and others are expected.

“We hope our faculty, staff and students are understanding of the need to do this as we join the city, state and nation in paying respect to this fallen officer,” said Chancellor Gary S. May, who issued a Jan. 13 message asking the campus community to focus this week on honoring officer Corona’s service and memory.

All campus activities, including classes, will continue as normally scheduled Friday, so the campus is taking a number of steps to alleviate the parking crunch. The campus also is giving notice to bicyclists of roads to avoid, paths that will be closed, and detours from student housing areas — taking riders around the funeral activity. Lastly, we have information on traffic impacts, which are likely to be the most severe as the funeral procession departs UC Davis, sometime after noon.



Officials are encouraging all staff, faculty and students to use alternative forms of transportation, if at all possible, such as public transit (Unitrans and the Davis-Sacramento shuttle will be free for all), biking or walking. In addition, Transportation Services, or TAPS, will implement stack parking (with valets), to provide additional capacity in the Gateway Parking Structure (south entry), Lot 1 and Lot 2 (behind the Gateway structure), and Lot 10 (at the southwest corner of Old Davis Road and First Street). TAPS will not charge for parking Friday.

Other options: Park in certain remote campus lots where free Unitrans shuttles will come along every 10 minutes, providing service to and from the main campus; park on city streets or in city parking lots (at no charge and without permit regulations being enforced); or, as appropriate, explore with your supervisor the option of working remotely.

Be careful where you park: TAPS and the city will be enforcing laws against blocking fire hydrants and parking in other red zones.

Reserved parking


The garage and parking lots listed here are reserved for law enforcement officers and others attending the funeral (no charge for parking), and thus closed for regular parking by staff, faculty and students. People with disabilities (and placards) are welcome to park in these facilities.

  • Pavilion Parking Structure
  • Lot 22south of Primero Grove
  • Lot 25 in front of the Activities and Recreation Center
  • Lot 26 and Lot 27 south of Hoagland Hall
  • Lot 30 at the Rec Pool, off Hutchison Drive
  • Lot 35 corner of La Rue Road and Orchard Road (between the Student Health and Wellness Center, and the Human Resources Administration Building)
  • Lot 40 and Lot 41 south side of Hutchison Drive, across from the Pavilion Parking Structure

Additional parking for law enforcement officers and others attending the funeral will be provided:

  • Along La Rue Road, between Garrod Drive and Orchard Road, with the curbside lanes along La Rue closed in each direction
  • On Extension Center Drive, alongside Lot 30

Remote parking with shuttles

Free Unitrans shuttles will run every 10 minutes, to and from the Silo Terminal, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. for staff, faculty and students.

  • Lot 57 adjacent to Highway 113, west of the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
  • Garrod Drive — west of Highway 113, parking spaces on the south side of the road
  • Hopkins Lot at the Hopkins Services Complex, Hopkins Road, west of Highway 113

Another remote option:

  • West Village and Sacramento City College's Davis Center (at West Village) — Free parking on Yarrow, Fescue, Zelkova and Acer streets east of North Sage Street, and in the SCC Davis Center parking lot.  Regular Unitrans service is available on the V Line.

If you are bicycling ...

TAPS has prepared this bicycling map for Friday, showing where you are advised not to ride and where you cannot ride, along with detours from student housing areas:

  • Road Advisories (orange) — Do your best not to bike on these roads. Detour signage will be posted where appropriate.
  • Closed Paths (dark red) — No riding. Detour signage will be posted where appropriate.
  • Housing-Specific Detours – These routes are advisory to help you bike around, not through, the event space.

Traffic impacts

The city of Davis advises motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians to be prepared for blocked intersections — for up to 30 minutes — as the funeral procession goes by after the service. The procession is expected to depart The Pavilion at the ARC sometime after noon.

  • The procession will go north on La Rue Road, across Russell Boulevard and onto Anderson Road, to Covell Boulevard, then head west to Highway 113. See map.
  • Intersections will be blocked as the procession approaches (not before), and will remain blocked for 20 to 30 minutes.  
  • People who wish to stand along the route to pay their respects are advised to do so north of Russell Boulevard.

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