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By Dave Jones on October 13, 2006 in University

UC Davis boasts the largest land

area of any campus in the UC system, at 5,300 acres. Much of the acreage is used for agricultural research and education. The Buildings and Grounds Division provides agricultural services, such as plowing and harvesting, as well as landscaping and arboretum maintenance. Take a look at these numbers:

17,000-plus: Number of mature trees on campus, including those in the arboretum

4,000: Number of plants in the arboretum

1,000: Landscaped acres

500: Acreage in asphalt and


200: Acreage in shrubs

150: Acreage in turf

32: Daily mileage for street


25: Acreage in high intensity


10: Daily mileage for each of

four tractor-mowers in the grounds division

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