NEWS BRIEFS: UC’s Entrepreneur Pitch Competition

Quick Summary

  • Organizers hope to hear students, staff, faculty and alumni declaring, “I am a UC Entrepreneur”
  • ‘Cheers for Peers’ for Thanksgiving and beyond

UC has launched its third annual Entrepreneur Pitch Competition, offering $15,000 prizes for each of two winners, one from among early-stage startups and one from among later-stage startups.

The 2018-19 competition, run by the UC Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, is open to all startups with at least one founder who is a UC student, staff member, faculty member, or alumnus or alumna. The competition aims to connect veteran and new UC entrepreneurs with coaching, resources and exposure to a network of investors, and thereby provide opportunities for the entrepreneurs to advance and scale their startups.

Distinguished corporate mentors will review and select six finalists in each of the two categories, then provide coaching in advance of the final pitches to be delivered during the fourth annual Global Corporate Venturing and Innovation Summit, Jan. 30-31, in Monterey — an event that is expected to draw more than 700 venture capitalists.

Entries — including pitch video and pitch deck — are due by 11:59 p.m. Dec. 12. Video submissions will be featured on the competition’s website, showcasing the impressive entrepreneurial activity and rich innovative spirit of the UC community.

‘Cheers for Peers’ for Thanksgiving and beyond

In honor of Thanksgiving, WorkLife and Wellness launched its “Cheers for Peers” webpage this week, offering ideas to recognize co-workers who always lend a helping hand, who help make your team effective, or who may simply elicit a smile in your day.

“Recognition and appreciation can come in many forms: a simple thank you, an award, an invite to lunch; and is equally important when coming from a colleague as when coming from a supervisor.”

Here are three ideas: Send an ecard, leave a note, or check out employee recognition and rewards programs.

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