NEWS BRIEFS: Police Board’s Annual Report Posted

Quick Summary

  • UCPath executive director delivers in-person update
  • Reminder about travel and tax consequence if expenses not reconciled within 60 days
  • New, higher limit for Automatic Purchase Orders: $9,999.99, an increase of $5,000
  • Professional development x 3: Management Skills Assessment Program, ProShare networking and Group Mentoring Program
  • No foul play suspected in man’s death; body found at encampment near south entry

UC Davis last week posted the Police Accountability Board’s 2017-18 annual report including summary information and statistical data on complaints filed, as well as the board’s overall recommendations to the chief of police.

The report covering the period July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018, is available here.

Also posted: the report’s executive summary, indicating that the board received 16 complaints during the review period, and that 14 of those cases did not proceed through investigation, either because the board received insufficient information to proceed (eight cases) or because the board determined the cases fell outside its purview (six cases).

In regard to the other two cases, the board completed its review of one and the other remains under investigation and will be reviewed by the board in the future.

In the one adjudicated case, the board sustained a complaint about discourteous conduct and did not sustain allegations of discrimination and improper search. Police Chief Joe Farrow accepted all findings.

The executive summary also includes the chief’s responses to the board’s recommendations dating back to 2016.

UCPath exec delivers in-person update

In a recent presentation on the Davis campus, Dan Russi, executive director of UCPath, shared statistics about the deployment of UCPath at UCLA and UC Santa Barbara in September.

The biggest change the UCPath Center has seen is in call volume due to the increase in employees using UCPath. The number of employees using UCPath jumped from 11,968 in September to 78,576 in October due in large part of the nearly 50,000 employees at UCLA. The number of calls into the UCPC went from 3,558 to 10,344 over the same time period. Despite that significant jump in employees, UCPath saw no significant outages and all payroll dates were met.

“We have literally had no major outages since January,” Russi said. “The stability of the UCPath application has been outstanding. It’s our goal to make sure that continues as more campuses (including UC Davis) go live in 2019.”

Read complete article on the UCPath at UC Davis website.

Reminder about travel and taxes

Don’t forget about the new travel and entertainment policy that could affect your paycheck. Starting Jan. 1, anyone who arranges travel and entertainment on behalf of the university must reconcile those expenses within 60 days or the expenses will be reported as taxable income. The tax consequence will kick in even if you billed the expenses directly to the university or paid by Travel card.

More information is available on Supply Chain Management’s “Submitting Expense Reports” webpage.

Higher limit for Automatic POs

Supply Chain Management recently increased the maximum amount that departments and units can spend by Automatic Purchase Order, or APO, to $9,999.99, up from $4,999.99.

The APO limit is the amount by which a Kuali Financial System requisition can be processed and approved without the requirement of Procurement and Contracting Services’ review and approval, unless a restricted commodity code is used. The change took effect Dec. 4.

More information is available online.

Professional development x 3

The application period is open for the spring session of the UC Management Skills Assessment Program. Staff also have a few more days to apply for networking and mentoring programs.

• Management Skills Assessment Program — Designed to assess the management skills of high potential, early career supervisors, managers and professionals for future leadership opportunities. Staff from around UC come together for two MSAP sessions a year, in the fall and spring. The spring 2019 MSAP is scheduled from April 8 to 11 at the UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead.

UC Davis and UCDavis Health has seven slots to fill. Applicants must have one or more years of service at UC (past probation, career status) as of the application deadline. Each application must include a statement of support from the applicant’s supervisor.

UC Davis Human Resources will cover the program cost of $1,095 (including all materials and room and board for three days and two nights), while individual departments must pay for transportation and other related travel costs.

The MSAP website includes more information and link to the online application. Deadline: Jan. 9.

For more information, contact UC Davis MSAP Coordinator Kristi Dorsch by email or phone, 916-734-2673.

Other development opportunities:

• ProShare — For managers, aspiring managers and staff at all levels, on the Davis and Sacramento campuses, to develop and build connections with their colleagues across campus and across the causeway, for mutual guidance and support. More information and the registration link. Deadline: Dec. 21.

• Group Mentoring Program — This six-month program, held on the Davis and Sacramento campuses, is for mentors with classifications up to PSS Grade 5 and mentors with classifications of PSS Grade 5 or higher; all participants must have career status and at least one year of service at UC Davis. More information and the registration links (one for mentees, one for mentors. Deadline: Dec. 21.

Authorities identified John Young Jr., 62, as the man whose body was last week at an encampment along the Old Davis Road offramp from westbound Interstate 80.

No foul play suspected in man’s death

Authorities identified John Young Jr., 62, as the man whose body was last week at an encampment along the Old Davis Road offramp from westbound Interstate 80, near the campus’s south entry. The Solano County coroner’s office said an autopsy was pending, but the office did not suspect foul play in Young’s death.

UC Davis police officers discovered the body at about 7 p.m. Thursday (Dec. 13). The location, at the southwest corner of the main campus, lies in unincorporated Solano County, so the sheriff-coroner’s department of that county took over the investigation.

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