NEWS BRIEFS: Gender-Inclusive Restrooms on Campus Map

Screenshot of campus map showing gender-inclusive restroom locations.
This “gender-inclusive restrooms” overlay is part of our online campus map. Look for the links below.

Quick Summary

  • Applications due March 10 for staff advisor
  • Flexible spending account deadlines
  • Work with minors on campus? Take this survey
  • Vacancy at the Honda Smart Home
  • Bring more ‘value’ to department meetings

UC Davis has gender-inclusive restrooms across the campus, as indicated on the campus map (this link is for the main map; the switch for the gender-inclusive restrooms overlay is in the “Student and Staff Resources” drop-down menu in the index). Click here to go directly to the gender-inclusive restrooms overlay.

This reminder comes in the wake of UC's release of a statement Feb. 23 in support of transgender members of the UC community: The University of California, in accordance with state law and in keeping with its own principles of nondiscrimination, will continue to ensure that its transgender students, faculty and staff have unrestricted access to restrooms that conform to their gender identities. We are heartened to hear that protecting all students, including those in the LGBTQ community, remains a stated priority for the Department of Education.

Applications due March 10 for staff advisor

UCnet has posted an interview with LaWana Richmond, who is completing her term as a staff advisor to the Board of Regents and has advice for people interested in applying for the post (the deadline is March 10).

“The experience was a lot broader and deeper than I imagined,” said Richmond, a business analyst at UC San Diego. “You get exposed to different aspects of university operations, and get to understand the process a policy goes through to be developed and vetted, the attention that’s paid to even the most granular details. People really care about getting it right. I didn’t realize how much I would learn about UC.”

Read more of what she has to say about being staff advisor. Interested in applying to be staff advisor-designate? Learn more in this story and look for the “Apply Now” button on the staff advisor website.

Flexible spending account deadlines

Did you have a flexible spending account in 2016, for either dependent care or health care expenses, or both? UCnet has a story on important deadlines, to help you avoid losing any money.

More information on flexible spending accounts.

Work with minors on campus? Take this survey

Risk Management Services is conducting a survey of people who work with minors at UC Davis — people under the age of 18 who come here for a variety of educational and recreational opportunities.

Officials note that while the university belongs to students of all ages, there are health, safety and legal restrictions that require considerable precautions to be taken when minors are involved.

One of the first hurdles in addressing these challenges is to be able to identify where minors are hosted on campus. Read story from Finance, Operations and Administration, and take the survey here.

Vacancy at the Honda Smart Home

Applications are being sought from faculty, staff or graduate students who wish to occupy Honda Smart Home at UC Davis West Village in 2017-18.

The home showcases technologies that enable zero-net energy living and transportation. The home is capable of producing more energy on-site from renewable sources than it consumes annually, including enough energy for daily commuting in the Honda Fit EV that comes with the home.

A Honda-developed home energy management system and an energy efficient design will allow the occupants to use less than half of the energy of a similarly sized new home in the Davis area for heating, cooling and lighting. The home is also three times more water-efficient than a typical U.S. home.

In addition to showcasing Honda's vision for sustainable, zero-carbon living and personal mobility, the home functions as a living laboratory where the company and researchers from UC Davis and Pacific Gas and Electric Co. evaluate new technologies and business opportunities at the intersection of housing, transportation, energy and the environment.

More information is available in the occupancy agreement and research assignment (Exhibit A-1) in this folder. (Note that the exact content of the research can be custom-tailored to fit the occupant; the downloadable exhibit is an example only).  

To be considered, review the above documents and fill out and submit this form as soon as possible but no later than 5 p.m. Monday, March 13. Submissions will be reviewed as they come in. (Sorry, feline and canine occupants will not be considered this time.)

Notification will be made March 20 and move-in date is Sept. 1. Move-out date is Aug. 31, 2018.

Bring more ‘value’ to department meetings

UC’s financial education classes, provided by Fidelity, help you and your staff get the most from the UC Retirement Savings Plans: 403(b), 457(b) and DCP.

“If you have 30 minutes or three hours, we can tailor a presentation to fit the time available,” said Rand Erickson, a Fidelity retirement planner, reminding staff and faculty of Fidelity’s free financial and retirement education services for UC employees.

See descriptions of available classes. To schedule a class or series of classes for your group, contact Erickson by email

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