NEWS BRIEFS: Emergency Drill Set for Saturday on Campus

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  • Shields Library covered for construction
  • Information Security Symposium 2017
  • Citizens’ arrest and a false report
  • Poster calendars now available in stores

UC Davis will stage a full-scale emergency exercise this Saturday (Aug. 27), summoning police and fire personnel and others to deal with an “active shooter” incident. Activity will be centered in the area of Dutton Hall, between the Quad and A Street on the east side of campus close to downtown.

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The drill will run from 8 a.m. until about 3 p.m. and will involve the Police and Fire departments, and Dutton Hall staff. The building houses several Student Affairs units, including Student Support and Judicial Affairs, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Undergraduate Admissions and the University Registrar; as well as Student Accounting, and the Cashier and Payment Solutions Office. 

“The goal is community preparedness,” said Clement Stokes, director of Emergency Management and Mission Continuity. “We want to test our first responders and socialize protective actions.”

UC Davis plans a follow-up exercise — dubbed a “tabletop” exercise, because it’s simulated — to test administrative and executive leadership responses in a major campus emergency. That exercise is scheduled for Sept. 29, amid National Preparedness Month.

Stokes said he also expects to hold additional events in September and into the new school year, to raise awareness about emergency preparedness on campus.

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Shields Library getting a glass face-lift

Shields Library covered for construction.
Scaffolding and construction sheathing covers the entrance of Shields Library. (Cody Kitaura/UC Davis)

When the white shroud comes off the front of Shields Library, expect it to look pretty much the same. Crews are working to replace damaged, discolored and water-filled glass blocks on the curved facade of the building, and should be done before the fall quarter begins.

Project manager Eric Guillen said all of the glass blocks on the curved front of the building — which were installed in the 1980s — are being replaced, along with others elsewhere on the building. 

"Some were broken from the inside (likely damaged from furniture or book carts), while other damage could have been caused by the elements or an inferior mortar product," Guillen said, adding that when properly maintained, the blocks should last indefinitely. 

Crews were lucky to get the replacement blocks when they did — Pittsburgh Corning, the manufacturer of the original pieces, will stop making glass blocks this fall.

Information Security Symposium 2017

The next UC Davis Information Security Symposium has been scheduled for June 20-21, 2017, and the organizers are looking for volunteers to help plan the conference.

This every-other-year event, which usually sells out, presents two days of lectures, labs and discussions on topics involving privacy, information, computer and network security. More space is being added for the 2017 event, after the 2015 symposium drew more than 300 technical professionals and administrative managers from around the University of California.

The conference committee will help set the agenda and arrange details. The organizers said they are looking for UC Davis staff who can participate in communications, curriculum planning, registration, logistics, menu and venue planning.

The committee will start meeting in October. To volunteer, or to explore the idea of volunteering, please contact the team by email by Sept. 2.

Citizens’ arrest and a false report

AT WEST VILLAGE: Campus police say two UC Davis West Village employees each made a citizen’s arrest of a UC Davis student who allegedly struck the employees after they put a stop to his joyride in a campus golf cart.

Police took Mohammad Khan, 24, to the Yolo County Jail where they booked him on battery charges in the incident that occurred at about 2 p.m. Aug. 14 at UC Davis West Village, where university partners run three apartment complexes for students, faculty and staff.

According to police, the complainants said Khan got out of the cart when they stopped him, hit each of them in the back of their heads, then ran into a nearby apartment. Police said they found Khan, who was intoxicated, hiding in a bathroom.

FALSE REPORT: The Police Department continues to investigate last week’s incident in which officers say someone claimed to have been the victim of an armed robbery. The “crime” was alleged to have occurred at about 4:20 p.m. Friday (Aug. 19) in the area behind the Hyatt Place hotel at the south edge of the central campus.

Police sent out a WarnMe message to the campus community, relaying the alleged victim’s report of being robbed by a man who carried out his “crime” by using his fists and a knife. By 6:30 p.m., officers sent out another message, saying the “robbery” was a false report.

Go get your calendars!

A student holds a poster calendar.
A UC Davis Stores employee holds a 2016-17 campus poster calendar.

New campus poster calendars have hit store shelves, and are available for $1.99. The 2016-17 calendars, available folded or unfolded, are available in all store locations: Campus Store (Memorial Union), ARC Pro Shop, Welcome Center and Downtown (Second and F streets).

Photos on the new calendar are displayed in colorful bubbles — the same kind of bubble art that adorns the new Campus Store.

Many will be delivered, per customer requests; others will be available for pickup at the Campus Store. Sarah Brodberg of UC Davis Stores advised: "Please be aware that delivery orders may take several days to reach you due to high volume and limited courier van space."

A 10 percent departmental purchase discount will apply when payment is made by recharge account.

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