UPDATED: Month-to-Month Parking Choice

Quick Summary

  • Daily or monthly permit? Now you can decide from month to month
  • Still to come: Alerts from ParkMobile app to help you avoid citations
  • Still to come: Reduced, affiliate rates for employee parking at events

Updated 1:20 p.m. Jan. 5 to reflect Transportation Services' announcement today that two of the changes announced for Jan. 1 have been delayed: parking reminder alerts from ParkMobile, gently reminding you to pay before walking to your workplace; and event parking at reduced rates for UC Davis affiliates.

As of Jan. 1, Transportation Services is offering new flexibility to switch from daily payment (via ParkMobile) to monthly payment (via the Level Rate Parking Program, or LRPP), and back again, on a month-to-month basis.

LRPP permits offer a savings for employees whose schedules are the same or nearly the same as before the pandemic; that is, these employees are still coming in daily or almost daily.


Transportation Services will hold an online forum to give a brief presentation on the changes, then take questions:

  • Wednesday, Jan. 18
  • 3:30-5 p.m.
  • Register here (you can submit questions on the Zoom form)


Previously, your election to pay on a monthly basis was a yearlong commitment, coming up for renewal at the end of the fiscal year. Now, with the flexibility to switch from month to month, employees can look ahead at their schedules and choose the less expensive option for each month: daily or monthly.

LRPP permits are available to employees and others who are approved by Transportation Services on an exception basis.

LRPP permits, valid Monday through Friday, are available for A, C and L parking spaces, and save you money if you intend to park in A-zone spaces 17 or more days a month, in C-zone spaces 19 or more days a month or L-zone spaces 21 or more days a month. Here are the LRPP rates (and the corresponding total of daily payments for the specified number of days):

  • LRPPA — $75 (compared to $78.20 for 17 days at the A-zone daily rate of $4.60)
  • LRPPC — $65 (compared to $66.50 for 19 days at the C-zone daily rate of $3.50)
  • LRPPL — $45 (compared to $47.25 for 21 days at the L-zone daily rate of $2.25)

Employees can purchase LRPP permits as early as five days before the start of the next month. Permits becomes effective the first day of the month and expire on the last day of the month. If you choose not to renew, your account automatically switches to daily rates via ParkMobile.

Parking alerts

Still to come: ParkMobile (which knows your location) will ask, when you drive onto the campus, “Do you want to park?” It’s a reminder to log in and pay, lest you get a citation in between the time you parked and when you realize you forgot.

The alert system is something many people have asked for, according to Transportation Services.

On the other hand, if you do not care to receive the alerts, you can opt out; note, however, that by doing so, you will opt out of all ParkMobile alerts, such as those providing information on your “parking sessions.”

While the alerts are meant for people driving onto campus, you may receive the notification if you are driving nearby, say, on A Street or Russell Boulevard. People parking at outlying facilities will not receive the alerts.

Event parking

Transportation Services said it continues to work on implementing reduced rates for UC Davis affiliates attending events and advised that the system may not be updated in time for the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts’ first event of the new year, Saturday, Jan. 14.

Once the system is updated: If you use the Gateway Parking Structure for a Mondavi Center event, your affiliate rate will be $3.50 for a C space or $4.60 for an A space, instead of $15 (or $10 in advance).

Portal improvements

Transportation Services is also in the midst of a number of portal improvements, including:

  • Departmental guest passes and event permits — An easier path for designated department representatives to purchase and assign permits (by entering license plate numbers), as well as check on whether the permits were used, and if not, reassign them.
  • Citation appeals — User-friendly online interface and improved status updates for appeals.
  • Vehicle information — Monthly permit holders can add or remove approved vehicles. (ParkMobile users can update their vehicles online or through the app.)
  • Other permits — An easier path for contractors and vendors to  purchase, assign and manage parking for their vehicles.
  • Managing personal information and fees — View and pay any outstanding fees (e.g., tickets).

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