New Travel Cards Come With New Training

Quick Summary

  • The university is changing its payment schedule to eliminate late fees and suspended cards
  • There will be no change in how the cards are used (and there’s still a prohibition on personal expenses)
  • Staff and faculty are encouraged to take the new training now, to be eligible to receive new cards in April-May

Travel cards issued to UC Davis employees will be replaced this spring in conjunction with a change in the way the university pays the charges incurred on the cards.

About 5,100 staff and faculty members have university-issued travel cards. Before getting replacements, these employees must complete a new online training course (available now in the UC Learning Center). Officials are encouraging employees to complete the training as soon as possible, so they can transition to using their new cards without delay.

“This will help ensure that the new card is issued and in the cardholder’s possession before the old card is canceled,” said Crystal Ross O’Hara, client relationship manager with Supply Chain Management. “We expect to begin delivering cards in the April-May time period.”

Once an employee receives a new card, his or her old card will be canceled after two weeks.

The way people use their cards is not changing, and cardholders must continue to reconcile their expenses in a timely manner in AggieTravel to avoid incurring potential tax reportable income.

Here’s what is changing: Instead of delaying payment until expenses are documented and fully approved, the university will pay travel card bills nightly — thus, no more late fees and suspended cards.

With expenses to be paid almost immediately, the university is re-emphasizing the prohibition on using travel cards for personal expenses. Otherwise, reimbursement is required by check to the UC Regents (not US Bank).

The new training takes approximately 30 minutes. People who complete the course will be notified directly when the application link becomes available for the new cards.

Employees who need travel cards between now and May must go through the existing application process and training, then apply for new cards when they are available (and go through the new training).

Learn more about the new card program here. Questions? Contact the travel help desk by email.

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