UPDATED: New Academic Year, New Calendars

Posters Now on Sale at 3 UC Davis Stores Locations

Two-calendar campus poster calendar layout with line drawing of doubledecker and "Welcome back, Aggies!"


One calendar is for Fall Welcome, the other is for the entire academic year, poster-size, for your office wall.

Fall Welcome calendar and webpage

Student Affairs is asking for submissions by Tuesday, Aug. 31, for this webpage that will be heavily promoted to students. “With so many students coming to campus for the first time this fall, we are hoping to have a robust calendar with a wide variety of engagement opportunities,” said Jen Butler, director, Student Affairs Marketing and Communications. For inclusion, events should be open to current UC Davis students and occur during the months of September and October and must be sponsored and submitted by UC Davis departm​ents. Events submitted after Aug. 31 can still be added to the calendar, but they are likely to miss a large share of the promotional push.

  • Non-Student Affairs departments — Please submit your events using the online form.
  • Student Affairs departments — Please submit your events directly via your Trumba calendars. If you have questions, please contact Justin Lok.
"Welcome back, Aggies" with line drawaing of double-decker bus, from campus poster calendar

Campus poster calendar

The headline on the calendar has never been more appropriate: “Welcome back, Aggies!” Welcome back, indeed, after in-person instruction and reduced campus operations for a year and a half. So, of course, you will want have the new poster calendar on your wall. The calendars, designed by Strategic Communications, are now on sale at three UC Davis Stores locations.


• UC Davis Stores

Check here for store hours.If you need a large quantity, come to the MU bookstore,” said Sarah Brodberg of UC Davis Stores.

  • Pay by credit card or P-Card.
• Recharge account

Student assistants will process orders on weekdays during business hours.We anticipate processing and delivering orders around campus will take several business days,” Brodberg said. “If possible, we encourage picking up in-store. Ordering in multiples of 25 will speed things up for bulk orders.”


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