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Students at a school in South Sacramento have some extra inspiration thanks to a UC Davis mural workshop class. The class visited Cesar Chavez Intermediate School recently to ask why the school was important to the students and their parents, then depicted their answers on the wall of the school.

"What the mural is depicting here, where mom is giving the kid a kiss on the forehead — I see that every single day," said principal Eracleo Guevara. "What it's going to do is just them see themselves through these great images with the goal of graduation."

Take the stairs for free exercise

A sign next to a stairway reads "No time for exercise? Take the stairs."
One of the motivational signs in the Pavilion Parking Structure. (Shantille Connolly/UC Davis)

Exercise doesn't always have to be done in the gym. That's the message Student Health and Counseling Services and Transportation Services are sending with motivational signs on all six levels of the Pavilion Parking Structure urging drivers to take the stairs for some quick, free exercise.

The permanent signs went up last week and feature slogans like, "Beat the elevator — take the stairs" and "Free exercise — take the stairs."

Shantille Connolly, a wellness health educator with Student Health and Counseling Services, said research done in the 2014-15 academic year identified several buildings where more signs could be placed.

TRENDING: Panda heart, group home, firefighters

YouTube: Joao Orvalho, a cardiologist at the UC Davis UC Veterinary Medical Center - San Diego, helped perform an ultrasound on a panda at the San Diego Zoo. Orvalho and a vet from the zoo determined Gao Gao has an incurable heart condition.

YouTube: A former UC Davis football player who once lived in a group home visited one in Davis to pass along some inspiration to its residents, many of whom play football.

Twitter: Three UC Davis firefighters completed their probationary periods and received their official firefighter shields: Corrie Beall, Lindsey Dubs and Ryan Tooley.


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